Friday, January 06, 2006

Guess The Locations...

... as the title goes. Winner gets to suggest a review they'd like to read.


chamique said...

I'm guessing the second one's Barista?

blr bytes said...

Aye, it may be. But which outlet, if one at all?

Vikram John said...

Since we are on the topic of food, i thought i would post our New Years menu. It was a seven course meal.
1) Mild Spicy Tuna with Cherry Tomato
2)Salmon Gravelax with shaved beetroot salad infused in a lemon and lime vinaigrette
3)Foie gras au torchon with a mango marmalade and black pepper on toast
4)Ginger and Seafood consomme with smoked conch
5)Grilled lobster with vegetable risotto drizzled by a balsamic reduction
6)Vodka cranberry sorbet
7)Grilled fillet of beef tenderloin with pomme macaire,ragout of artichokes and caramelized onion with a truffle reduction
8)Farendole of miniature dessertd
$250 per person.
Culinary experience prepared by Executive Chef Eric Brunel

blr bytes said...

Sweet lord, won't you buy me a ticket to the T&C Islands?

alephnull said...

Vikram: Me too. What was the booze buffet like ? ;)

Dilettante said...

Thank you for making us feel envious. Do employees also pay the $250?

provo said...

Bozze is the ususal. They had wines for 600 and 700 dollars. The usual stuff otherwise. Employees did not have to pay anything. Free for all.

chamique said...

Oh fo.
St Marks Rd one, yes? The HMV House takeover.
Vikram, you plague. Showing off again. Only this time you forgot the link to your exotic yahoo album =)

blr bytes said...

Indeed it is. So which restaurant would you like to see reviewed?

You be knowing vikram well enough to see his yahoo photos? O_O

I thought that was my preserve!

chamique said...

Umm...Tiger Bay.
Or Shiok.
Or that new place above Annachi...The Village or something.
(For the last request, you'd be a guinea pig since neither I nor anybody I know has been there.)
And yahoo photos? Ask him about our cruise plans.