Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ToI Strikes. Again.

So I was drinking a cup of tea at Barista this morning and reading, nay skimming, through the ToI when this picture and the accompanying caption rang a bell somewhere in the deep recesses of my sleep addled mind.

Turns out I was right. It's not a parking lot, you dimwits! Apparently, half-baked articles based on email forwards can now pass as quality content. That aside, does copyright infringement, plagiarism and a general lack of common sense pervade every level of the ToI? Gah! I ought to start a seperate blog chronicling the ToI.

Psst! For more pictures of the facility where that picture was taken, go here.


Manish said...


Came toyour blog thru Amit's post.
I saw this photograph along with an article on Volkswagon in a British Newspaper. The photograph mentioned that this was a Volkswagon godown in Germany


uday said...

nice. u'll have enuf everyday to post on toi goof-ups.
to start with they can start calling themselves Tabloid-of-India..

Just Mohit said...

Please do not beat up Slimes, oops Times of India. It's not their fault they were born morons!

blr bytes said...

Tell me about it. They can be so careless at times. Or just downright arrogant. I wonder if they'd give me a job as "Editor Plenipotentiary"?

For more details on the VW, yup Manish it is a VW factory in Dresden I think, go here:


And choose "English" in the bottom left corner.

Anyone else have ToI gaffes to report?

Salil said...

As much as the idea of a blog chronicling the ToI's oh-so-frequent cockups amuses me, I urge you not to do it.

Unless you want to be suffering from RSI/carpal tunnel syndrome in a month or two.

The Antithesist said...

Lets start a petition to
rename ToI to Totally Oblivion Idiots

please show some support to this new naming ceromony....

Just Mohit said...

Examples of ToI's plagiarism of blogposts & even articles published in foreign journals abound. They even have the temerity to put it all up on their website, in the mistaken/arrogant notion that no one would catch on. Helloooo...google anyone?
"Tully obnoxious idiots" is more like it.
Sorry for crowding your blog indulging in gratuitous ToI-bashing, but couldn't help myself.

blr bytes said...

Mohit, I'd be happy to put up a sticky page so that we can index the ToI's insouciance. They really are lackadaisical!

h. said...

this is exactly how TOI seems to be growing offlate...the "coverage" from people frowning and contributing to bashing it online and otherwise...translates to more people picking it up...further translating to cha-ching for TOI..

advaitam said...

Their name says it all....... TOIlet paper

Anonymous said...

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