Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Regular Updates Will Resume Shortly.

Both Dilettante and I are on holiday for a while. Till such time, a few pictures from the Jobless Picture Archive.

Let's play a game this time, name the location of each of the pictures and translate the banner.

Cheers and be safe!


Anonymous said...

The banner says:
"Leader ? or fool ? We are giving you the facts. You decide."

The word at the bottom means 'trust'.

Translation courtesy of kokoko1 (ex-#algos).

blr bytes said...


Anonymous said...

pic 6: pixel drizzle
location: hyderabad
guess: one of the many dinners hosted for AB

blr bytes said...

pic 6: yes, it is drizzling pixels. location is h'bad, but the guess is a tad wrong...

Dilettante said...

My guesses:

Pic 1: Somewhere in small-town Hyderabad.
Pic 2: Behind a Carrera S :-)
Pic 3: Charminar, no prizes I guess.
Pic 4: Ladbazaar, Hyd. No prizes for something written in the picture.
Pic 5: Brigade Road, Bengaluru.
Pic 6: Chowmahullalalala Palace.

blr bytes said...

Dilettante, think you're damn clever eh?!

1. Also at Charminar.
2. Leela Palace.
3. Correct.
4. Correct.
5. Brigade Road it is.
6. Durgam Chevaru, H'bad.