Tuesday, May 23, 2006

fiorano ristorante

After a series of comments exchanged on this post, BB and I met Cheesemaker at fiorano for coffee. Then we saw the new menu and improved prices.

Decided to eat dinner there.

The food was excellent. The service was pleasant, notwithstanding the fact we were with the restaurant's cheesemaker and one of it's (the restaurant, not the cheesemaker) partners. And the dessert was outbloodystanding!

Former Chef Max Orlati managed to build a bit of a brand for himself but sadly also some "house rules" which annoyed many people; I'm still working on Mr. D to go back there.

The new chef is Bijendra Rawat, formerly of The Park.hotel's itALIA and Delhi's The Imperial Hotel's San Gimignano; so the pedigree is all in place.

Cheesemaker had a Penne something, BB a Carbonara (spellcheck done) and I a Pizza. I was extremely happy with my pizza and BB was too with his carbonara. The tiramisu was great and the mango cheescake, I repeat myself, outstanding.

Pictures and real review when we go there the next time.

Oh, dinner for 3 people without wine was Rs. 1100. Good, yes?


blr bytes said...

Carbonara. CARBONARA. C.A.R.B.O.N.A.R.A

And it was very good.

Anonymous said...

Good?Yes. and not Good,yes?

Anonymous said...

Anon: Good, yes? is asking a question. As opposed to your version, which is your own answer to your own statement. Simple, yes?

Dilettante said...

Anon1: It's like saying "Nice pink lace peeking out of that waistband, no?" or "I'm not coming to the horse riding classes with you, ok?"

Anon2: Erm? Two thumbs up. I think.

And make nicknames for yourselves. Don't be sissy/lazy and post Anonymous.

artisancheesemaker said...

Decided to go to Fiorano with my friends (Sujit, Deepta, Silva (the only women jockey in India and Italian to boot) and Irfan (horse trainer)for lunch.
The food was great, lamb chops were superb so were the pastas.
Topic of conversation: Max Orlati and what a chang even in the food.
With beer in our bellies, humour had to rise its head.
Irfan: Knock, knock
Sujit: Who's there?
I: Max!
S: Max who?
I: Max no difference!

Time for dessert. Irfan and others had a chocolate truffle cake while Silva and I shared the mango ceesecake (recommended by Dilettante) and Panna Cotta.
Irfan: I know terracotta, but what is pannacotta?
Sujit: When you sell terracotta and make a lot of money you become pannacotta (Pannum is money in Tamil)
Seeing Silva and i share our desserts, Irfan wryly commented that they should have a policy to stop quota on 'cotta'
All in all a bloody good time.
Bill for 5 including booze: 2000/- bucks. Thats a steal if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

dilletante: will take me a long time to come up with a vacuous name like yours. Am trying, real hard, really. And this is anon 1, or is it anon 2?

Dilettante said...

Vacuous? hahaha.

Just like to know names of my comment-ators (sic) so I could identify them the next time they leave a comment.

Chill dude, chill.

btw, BB named Anon2 as 'Grammar Nazi'. Nice, no?

Anonymous said...

Grammar Nazi is totally the name I gave myself, okay?
We're clever like that, yes?

Dilettante said...

Totally, yes!
Couldn't end that sentence with a question mark, no?


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Anon 2 to dilettante. I am Grammar Nazi. i.e Anon 1, a.k.a Anon 2.Wait a minnit..yes, no?

Anonymous said...

Yo te conozco, dilettante. Te molestaba. Lo siento, Espero no te importa. Felicitaste dibyo para su cumpleanos? Tuviste otro trabajo o estas sentandole a la casa?

Dilettante said...

Anon1: Nope, you aren't Grammar Nazi simply because you don't deserve that *cough* honour. Anon2 gave herself that nick and we are happy to abide by it.
Now give yourself a nick, already.

Other Anon aka Corporate Whore: No habla Espanol, dude. Went to TGIF and got happy on aforementioned compleano. And still in Casa :-)

blr bytes said...

"Herself"? Hmmmm....

corporate whore said...

Herself? Nice touch konchesque.And it gives me great pleasure to correct your Spanish (after all these years of you correctine my english, which still hasnt helped me much, as you can see). Its " No hablO espanol, and its cUmpleanoS. And get the rest also translated, you bum, and get one job also.

ps: the post count is touching dizzying heights!

Unknown said...

so where exactly is this place? Directions please.

blr bytes said...

Fiorano is at 63, 100 FT Road, 5th A Block, Koramangala, next to Sukh Sagar. Ph: 25534231. A reservation is a must!

Dilettante said...

Did lunch yesterday at the restaurant. Ours was the only table occupied!

Dinner requires reservation, though.

Anonymous said...

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