Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good Things From Hyderabad

I think there are a total of 2 things.

Biryani from The Nizam Club and biscuits from Karachi Bakery.

from the Jobless Pictures Archive. Items brought back when my sister did a "parcel" of the biryani from dinner and came to Bangalore the next day.


Anonymous said...

It lives! It lives!

(And the biriyani is pretty damn good...)

Dilettante said...

Yes, it was in cold storage for all of this time.

*Resolve to make more posts*

mohayana said...

Which place serves the best Dum Biriyani in Blore? (here I come)

Anonymous said...

I'm told Hyderabad Biryani near Victoria Layout is pretty damn fine. Some people like Samarkhand too..

As for me, I prefer Richies even if it isn't Dum, per se.

Champion Kickah said...

Nice blog. I don't know about the biscuits but you're dead right about the biryani.

Anonymous said...

yeah the victoria layout one is fine and in my take the best in blr...Samarkand is expensive and cannot hold a candle..and they have a new outlet near Kempfort too....and please dont go any where near "heydrebadi house" in Kormangala for Briyani,they are still trying to make a bryiani rather than mastering it..pasty and tasteless

mohayana said...

Wish Hyderabad Biriyani had an ambience :)

Samarkhand when I was there some 4 yrs ago was some fine stuff . Richies is the Shivananda one? Gotta try it.

Aside: Dilettante 'tis been 18 days since the last post.

Anonymous said...

Richies is on MM Road. Search the blog, I have a review and deets up.

Anonymous said...

karachi bakery is a hyped place.. service is bad.. biscuits are and rusk are crap...

Anonymous said...

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