Sunday, July 30, 2006

Drive By Eating.

Dilettante and I went to Arabian Savoury for dinner. On the way back, we were astounded by the sheer number and variety of restaurants on MM Road. So, with you dear blog reader in mind, we went back and put together a couple of brief video clips showing the variety available.

In order:

  1. Some place whose name eludes me. Right by the pharmacy. They make the best Kheema-Anda-Pav for breakfast.
  2. Taj Biryani. Pass.
  3. Mughal Chef. Awesome Bombay style biryani.
  4. Aiwas Broast Chicken. 'nuff said.
  5. Random bakery.
  6. Barwachi. Good biryani.
  7. Richies. The best biryani, mutton chops, tandoori roti and dal fry this side of town.
  8. Passable bakeries and booze shops.
  9. The tea-shop at the end of the road is worth a stop.
  10. On the other side of the road, by the mosque, is Bombay Chowpatty Kulfi. Bloody good stuff.
  11. Before that, Wang's Kitchen, hardcore Indian Chinese, and Namdari's. Good vegetables, fruits and salads. Best place in town for fresh herbs.

Then we decided, why not show you some of the other restaurants in the area, Mosque Road and Wheeler Road. We've left St. John's Church Road for next time.

Once again, in order:

  1. Tea stall. Not bad but no sulemani.
  2. Arabian Savoury. Great food. See our previous post.
  3. Old, hole-in-the-wall biryani place. Pass.
  4. Casio Gift Shop and Caiso Supermarket. Not houses of dining but you just know they're run by Mallus don't you!
  5. Rendezvous. Great bread-pudding. Food isn't too bad either.
  6. There is a Beijing Bites diagonally across from Rendezvous. And a Walls ice-cream parlour. BB is pretty damn good for Chinese and Thai, even if it is a tad expensive.
  7. Albert Bakery. The best damn mutton and vegetable samosa in Bangalore. Bar none. Get there by 4 PM, it sells out by 5 PM. Their Khoya Naan is a sight for clogged arteries too.
  8. Now we're on Wheeler Road cross, or something like that. Decent Darshini.
  9. Lusitania Cold Store. Best place in town for fresh meats and pre-cooked and ready-to-cook meat. Shezan has better fresh, aged beef though. Yes, that Shezan. The one on Cunningham Road.
  10. Mezban used to be my default place in the area. Haven't been there in a while so can't couch for it in its new avatar.
  11. The place on the corner, Keerthi Sagar, in an earlier incarnation used to be the de facto hanut for Chaat junkies. Dunno now.
  12. Mangalore Pearl. Coastal food. Haven't been there. Used to be Golden Harvest. Our “treat” when we were kids and the grandparents were in town.
  13. Kowloon, at the front of the same building, used to have Chinese Chopsuey worth travelling for.
  14. KC Das. 'nuff said.
  15. Sherlock Holmes. 'nuff said. Again.
  16. Juice shop. What can I say, it's a juice shop. No better, no worse.
  17. Taipan, for when you crave Punjabi Chinese!
  18. Bar. Dingy. Pass. Go to Dewar's instead. You don't know where that is? I'm not telling...
  19. Shahi Kebab Centre. Better than Fanoos. Yes, it is. Try it but go early for the Boti. Ask for extra lime and onion. Mmmmm! Good! More!
  20. Zak's. Gah!
  21. Anonymous Shanti Sagar. Same old, same old.
  22. Nandhini. Good prawn curry rice. Better meals at RR and much better biryani and chicken “items” at Nagarjuna.
  23. There is a new joint called Burger Place or Palace on the road that intersects. It's attached to a gaming cafe called The Edge. Not worth visiting, in particular, but if you're in the area, drop by.
  24. Red Lantern. Anonymous Chinese.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm hungry again. Wonder if Dilettante is, maybe we'll do St. John's Church Road. As always, comments/rants/raves in the comments below please. Where else!

Have a good week.


To answer the "Where is MM Road?" question, here's a picture to help you out. View it full size.


Anonymous said...

The next time the 2 of you decide to do something like this, please make sure that:
1) Its during the day.
2) You are driving a lot slower so that I could actually see the places you are talking about.

Thank you!!

Vijayeta said...

Ah! Good ol' bangalore...
I'm most nostalgic now after reading this!

Dilettante said...

Provo: Sorry dude but driving slower would've made the litlle video clip a lot longer and hence, longer to buffer and all that.
Though you got nice background music, no?

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is MM Road, as you come down St. John's Church Road from Ulsoor Lake? I've been hearing a lot about the biriyanis and meats there, but haven't figured out how to get there yet. :-(

blr bytes said...

If you know the Mosque on Mosque Road, you're half way there. It's the road that connects Mosque Road to Tannery Road ( I think!), the slaughter house road.

Anonymous said...

i think its high time the other guy on the blog also posted something. BB, dont hijack the site as well, like other things.

blr bytes said...

Anon: " other things." WTF?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed directions. It's now gluttony-time!!!

blr bytes said...

Sriram: Enjoy! Friday afternoon is the best time but beat the crowd! Make sure you finish with a Kulfi...

Anonymous said...

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