Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cast Iron Stomach

Alpeh sent me this link to a very interesting article on strange food. I, of course, have to put down what I have eaten from the list.

Guinea Pig – Unfortunately not.
Veal Testicles – Oh yeah! Hell ya! Rocky Mountain Oysters is what they were called. [San Diego]
Spicy Beef Penis – It wasn’t spicy. The version I ate was cold, clammy and pickled. [Singapore]
Tongue Polonaise – Used to have an Anglo-Indian classmate who’d bring the best tongue sandwiches. Also available at Lusitania Cold Store. [Bangalore]
Braised Smothered Chitlins – Yes. Unfortunately I have. Give me regular tripe in green peppers any day. [East Central Los Angeles]
Pig Foot Milanese – Yes, but it was more knuckles and trotters. Absolutely fabulous. [New Orleans]
Balut (Fertilized Duck Eggs With Embryo) – Yes. Better than you’d imagine so long as you dip in Nam Pla. Other comestibles ingested simultaneously were spiders, lizards and scorpions. [Bangkok]
Les Rognons De Veau À La Moutarde (Kidneys) – Yes, but tava fried with masala. Also available at Bombay Kebabs as is brain, liver and udder. [Bangalore]
Duck Tongues In Wine Sauce – Nope. Duck/Goose liver pate, yes. [Bangalore]
Chicken Assholes – It’s technically the vent. And it fries very well, it’s only fat. Also yummy is chicken feet curry which is a Tamilian speciality. [Bangalore]

What is the weirdest food you’ve eaten? And squid tentacles don’t count.


Anonymous said...


Dilettante said...

eww gross!

blr bytes said...

Oh shut it. All of you. Bloody prudes.

Anonymous said...

Dried Eel

Dilettante said...

Provo, that doesn't sound too adventurous. Sounds like calamari or even dried fish, no?

Jellicles said...

there is nothing strange about food..just the level of squeamishness..

i have cooked (and eaten) trotters, pig brawns, tete de veau, tongue of lamb and beef, rognons de veau, chitterlings, tripe a la mode de caen, liver of differnt fowl(chicken, geese, duck..natural and forcefed),..pig's ears are nice and crispy when deep fried..:)

*burp*...i am happy to revert back to vegetarianism..feels cleaner.

disclosure: i studied french cuisine and staged at a restaurant famous for its offal dishes in london. so, its not like i cook/eat like this every day.

Anonymous said...

Jellicles: How could you go back to being vegetarian all these wonderful delicacies? But, they do sound wonderful.

Jellicles said...

got too old for it..:)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm worried. One can get too old when it comes to fine food?


Jellicles said...

hey!! veggies make fine food too!!

seriously..i am thinking of making a faux foie gras with cocoa butter/butter roux and added flavour to pass it off ..and i am telling you, half the people wont be able to spot the difference!

Jellicles said...

i can give you recipes/techniques, if you want! i wont ask people to deny themselves their fav food..altho' i'd request them to be kinder to animals..withut the 'i am on top of the food chain' line! i am ok with honest disclosures of guilty pleasure and hedonism, tho'...

just yesterdaY, we had the third season of topchef in bravo tv..with 'exotic proteins'..> i think you'd enjoy the details. alligator meat, black chicken, sea urchins, geoducks, monkfish liver(never worked with monkfish liver..heard its just like foie gras..but i have once cooked a whole fish stuffed with foie gras tho'!!) etc etc. our own mrs.rushdie, padam lakshmi, is the hostess. bourdain(not one of my favourite person either) was the judge.

this is an unusual topic for me to discuss in blogland...we run a blog here> i am generally trying to get people adopt animals.

maybe we will find common ground in booze..just made a batch of blackberry brandy, cherry brandy and framboise. thinking of testing a lychee infused vodka. booze is better than livers and brains, no?

Anonymous said...

Where on earth does one find blackberries and raspberries in Bangalore?

The booze will pickle one's liver and mind. Better their's then mine! But it sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the sma ething a couple of days ago, and happened to call Olive Beach, they helped me out. Even though they don't retail it, that restaurant is really the best thing that has happened to Bangalore.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

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