Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Calling All Gourmets, Gourmands and Gluttons.

Awright, so here's the thing, I've decided to start posting semi-regular food reviews.

My criteria for reviewing a place are:

1. I need to have visited at least twice,
2. Accompanied by at least one friend,
3. Eaten a starter, main course and desert, and
4. Paid my bill.

Comments are welcome!


Dilettante said...

Wanna go back to Paparazzi to meet condition no. 1 and we can bitch and curse the place with horribly terribly bad food? Do you?

blr bytes said...

Joy! Lets do so post-haste, weekend?

Dilettante said...

What are you paying me to go through that torture?

blr bytes said...

We'll go dutch. Maybe Alephnull will join us?

Anonymous said...

Dude, what about me? At least I saved myself last time by coming in late and watching you guys nearly pass out. Except for that flaming fish you ordered after the dessert.

blr bytes said...

Recluse! Welcome ya'll! You *have* to eat this time around and you can't go missing the multi-coloured desserts...pwamise?