Sunday, January 08, 2006

Measure Your Attitudes

This is scary, revealing, frustrating and more.

Take these tests (start with the India-centric ones) when you have some time. Though I do harbour a sneaking suspiciosn that it has more to do with the test than the subject matter.

India-centric Tests
Implicit Main Page

Results were a bit worrying.


kart said...

I agree that these tests are skewwed. Don't have a great faith in their accuracy. I read about these implicit association tests in Blink. I find that there is a huge flaw in these tests, as they ignore the possibility of the physical association your brain makes with right or left. Won't expand but if interested, write to me and I will explain my analysis.

Anonymous said...

Gawd. Wasted time on the India-US test for them to tell me that I have no automatic preference for either. Are they using this data for any particular reason? I dont know why the sphere of influence and my Pincode is relevant to their conclusions at all.

blr bytes said...

Apparently I have an automatic preference for *** ******s.

Dang, ain't that funny!