Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Revolt Of 2005

The cover story of the latest Outlook was on the rise in availability of regional food across India. It's a pretty decent read and hints of a slow demise in the “Tandoori, Mughalai, Chinese” variety of restaurants that coincides with a rise of niche eateries specializing in Bengali, Chettinad, Kerala etc. cuisines. On the whole, I'd agree with the trend they identify and welcome it. Too long have we put up with inauthentic garbage served simply for lack of choice.

My only grouse with the article was the list of eateries they have chosen for Bangalore. Apparently these symbolize this new culinary movement sweeping across the nation. For better or worse, here is the Bangalore list and my comments.

Katpadi Janction at Garuda Mall for Mudaliar food. Yes, that would be appropriate. Link this gastronomic movement with the mall movement. How could they overlook Annachi, reviewed below, Salem Kitchen in Indiranagar and Ponnuswamys on Residency Road? Was air-conditioning a prerequisite to be reviewed?

Unicorn on Infantry Road for Konkani food. This is, after all, an upmarket branch of Fishland in Gandhinagar. The food at Fishland is fresher, tastier, cheaper and has more attitude and charm than the sterile and aseptic interiors that Unicorn offers. Once again, were cushioned seats a prerequisite?

Halli Mane in Malleswaram. Never been there but heard good things about it from Dilettante.

Any opinions on the restaurants listed for other cities?

A Mouthful Of India @ Outlook

Restaurant Suggestions @ Outlook

Picture via and (c) Sephi Bergerson.


Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

hey its an informative article ... have been to Anachi ... good food is delicious though a bit expensive.
many of the restuarants u mentioned were unknown to me and i will make it a point to visit some

Anonymous said...

send me some.....phhhlllleeeaaaassseee!!!

blr bytes said...

Eat your fancy ass food and be happy!