Monday, January 30, 2006

Week long post

Or a long weekly post. Apologies to all you fans for not posting but I've been busy with work (don't laugh!) and had internet issues at home. So couldn't post.

Gaga and Linus were visiting from Sunny, California this month and met them for dinner mid-week. Couldn't decide where to go and finally met them at Ebony where I noticed this for the first time.

Gender differential pricing. Do women eat less than men? Or is it some of that "It's wednesday, so women enter this club free" thinking?

We sat in one of those claustrophobic ante-rooms to the balcony for about 5 minutes and decided to go to Coconut Grove instead. No review, Dear Fan because I hadn't been to Coconut Grove before.

Republic Day was fun. Met Reach, Nunu and his cousins Boo and Montu (Bongs don't need blog-nicknames, their daak naams are enough) at Rex to watch Rang De Basanti. Nunu (don't ask Bongs what his nickname means) booked tickets over the phone and didn't show up on time to collect them. So there we were at 12 noon without tickets and only available tickets were at 630, front stall. We did buy those front stall tickets and decided to walk The Strip.

The cousins went back home to come back later in the evening, so Reach, Nunu and I meandered here and there and got to Inox, bought tickets to Wedding Crashers at 330-ish since we had so much time.

For want of any serious time-killing exercise, we checked out 'Scary House'. It wasn't so bad for 15 minutes of time-killing and 40 bucks. It's got some theme inside, "This house has the spirits of the former decapitated residents..." or some such thing. The Ushers inside wear long black coats and pull their fedoras low over their eyes. Some interesting animatronic stuff and all. 'B' for effort, 'B-' for execution and 'A-' for value-for-money.

Lunch at Indiana's. Ah, the mayonnaise. No review since it's been 5(?) years.

More walking was done and this was noticed.

This statue/sculpture outside the ING Vysya Corporate Office is called Crouching Lion. Maybe Ang Lee can make a sequel.

Both movies were quite good and fun was had.

Checked out the rehearsal of the Nostalgia Night at Bangalore Club (IJ hiding behind the drums). Heard this really old man belting it. Man could he sing! IJ gave Crew Passes to Z so B, Chamique and I did go for the Nostalgia Night and had a pretty good time even though I can't jive, waltz, cha-cha or anything, salsa classes notwithstanding.

Yesterday was Koshy's, walk near Ganja Park and dinner at the new and improved Mojo. Again, no real review. Asok and Dibyo put one pitcher and we ate dosas with Chicken Pulimunchi, Fish Curry and Chicken Curry while we debated the origins of the word 'curry'.

Went for dessert to Herbs & Spice to join Bangalore Bytes who eating dinner a couple of his friends. Young love, with affection displayed on them :-)

That, dear reader was a good part of last week in a blogpost.


blr bytes said...

Californians of " are my raga and you make me go gaga" fame?

As for the Scary House, that used to be the general area where the BMP hearses parked at night. Maybe there's more than meets the eye...

Curry, to the best of my knowledge, is derived from the Tamil word "kari" meaning spiced-gravy-of-sorts.

I see you have chosen not to list my diatribe on declining standards at H&S.

Dilettante said...

True about the Californians.

"kari" was my explanation too but Asok said it's more of a non-veg specification.

Maybe it was an off-day for Herbs & Spice. Hopefully

blr bytes said...

"kari" as to season, as curries with ghee or oil or spices is what I was going for. Courtesy, Fabricius

Anonymous said...

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