Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Popular media

There's this Kannada tabloid called 'Hi Bengaluru'. They are typical of a tabloid, sensationalist headlines and the like.

There is a photograph of Sonia (known only by her first name), the researcher who was injured in the IISc shootout.

The above headline says (across): Avanu Muslim (He's a Muslim),
and the banner: Bandavanu deiva sainika (God's soldiers have arrived).

This is our media with the abilities to sway popular opinion.

It's fucked up.


chamique said...

But you forget the biggest tabloid of them all. ToI has mastered, patented and even plagiarised in their process of sensationalism and dumbing down.
It's only natural for regional papers to want to up their circulation, yes? I suppose sex, violence and scandal are more interesting than disease, poverty and injustice.
Ditto your last words. (Says the ex-journalist.)

blr bytes said...

Hello?! Have you not seen my bit of investigative journalism on ToI?

ToI and Amazon

Even managed an honourable mention on Indiauncut, that one did.

Anonymous said...

The image in RSS feeds problem is solved. Sadly it was my fault: if you want images you must subscribe to the full post, not just summaries. It's under 'Options' for those who care.

Dilettante said...

Chamique: It's somewhat forgivable to dumb things down, just to stay alive methinks. It's what sells.
Case in point, the extinction of Gentleman magazine.

Alephnull: I still can't find a decent RSS feeder, so I wouldn't know....

Dilettante said...

Chamique: Forgot to add, sensationalism doesn't excuse intolerance/Nazism kinda thoughts, no?