Thursday, January 12, 2006

V and his girl

A few years ago when my cousin V was studying in Bangalore, he'd spend the odd weekend away from hostel over at my place. You know the type of things - chill with cousins, see some of the city that wasn't part of his classmates' normal hangouts, eat food that didn't have oil floating on the curries that was staple fare of the hostel mess. You get my drift.

Now during the time he'd spend at my place, he'd get phone calls (no prevalence of cell phones then) from his classmates who'd make some plans to meet up for lunch or a drink or whatever. Very often there was this girl, we'll call her D since this blog doesn't like real or full names, who'd call for him and they'd chat for a bit. All very well.

Towards the end of his 2 year course, his phone calls would with D would be longer and somewhat inaudible. So being the good cousin that I was, broached the topic,
"Dude, what's with you and her? Anything on?"

He said, "No man, she's just a friend. She's a nice person. The only one I can talk to about everything, I guess"
Only one??? :-D

So today, about 2 years after his Bangalore stay, V and D were married in a lovely ceremony at the ISKCON temple.

Well, I did have my money on it.

Congratulations man. All the best.


Anonymous said...

This is quite sparse. You'd think that there are more three browsers that people might use.

Anonymous said...

This blog,is the most vague blog ever. Can someone tell me what the purpose of this blog is.

Dilettante said...

provo: Look at the URL. thisthat. It's about nothing.

kart said...

Genuine comment: Best of Luck V!

madjos said...

As much as I agree that this blog entry is vague, I think it is a welcome change from the usual descriptions of gastrointestinal orgies that I have come to expect.