Saturday, January 07, 2006

Restaurant Reviews via Rediff

Rediff have a semi-regular series of restaurant reviews, most of them featuring places in Bangalore. I've linked to the ones of interest to our *local* readers.

Chandni Chowk in Bangalore?
No time to cook?
Hot culinary spots in Bangalore
Will you do anything for good biryani?
The restaurant on the highway
Eating Out: Want a taste of home?
A culinary yatra of Bangalore
Bangalore: Great meals on lazy Sundays

Comments are welcome...


Ravish said...

Chandini Chowk is Good..
But avoid goin on weekends during peak hours.. they spoil the food sometimes during rush hour..

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that you chaps are letting rediff get away with these reviews! I get the feeling that the chaps who submitted these just arrived in the city recently. Dahila the only Japanese restaurant in the city?? Bangalore Bytes - Maybe you should tell them about Zen and Harima?

blr bytes said...

Mere poseurs my friend...