Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wok After Wok, Dinner at Silver Wok. 3.50/5.00

Hello dear blog readers. One more dinner, one more review. So last night Dilettante, Alephnull, Mache and your favorite gourmet decided to go to Silver Wok for dinner. Since Mache is in India after a 4-year hiatus he wanted Indian Chinese and as Taipan (purveyor of the finest examples of Indian Chinese) was out of the question (Mache owns the place!) it was either Mainland China or Silver Wok. Dilettante maintains that MC is a far better restaurant, which might well be true, but it's too fancy for a guys night out.

Appetizer was bacon wrapped prawn which, as usual, were superb. Fresh, juicy large prawns (or shrimp, if you so please. There is no difference.) wrapped in salty, smoky bacon dipped in a tempura batter of sorts and fried. One word of warning, the use a toothpick to restrain the construct while frying, do remove it. And it is a giganta-normous portion! That and a chicken lung fung soup which was nice, though the use of coriander in place of chinese parsley always disconcerts.

Main course was an egg fried rice, chilly chicken (boneless!), schezwan prawn (ought to be sichuan and contain sichuan peppers, but no worries.), a chicken steamed rice (think kanji with veggies and meat) and a chicken hakka noodle. The rice was good, typical indian fried rice (try the malacca fried rice if you're in the mood for something different), the noodles had that smoked flavour that makes it Indian (although the chicken registered its strong protest at being kept in the refrigerator too long.), the chicken was good, though Alephnull turned up late and had to be content with Chilly Bell Peppers, the prawn was great (a hint of scallion and fresh prawn) and while I liked the chicken steamed rice, Dilettante wasn't so impressed.

I scream, you scream and some ice-cream (sorry!) for dessert and a few bottles of Dr. Mallya's finest rounded out the meal.

Pretty good meal though not the finest examples of Silver Wok's cuisine. My picks, pork momos, barbecue spare ribs, chicken with red and green peppers, lamb conjee and sunflower wontons.

Holla back with what you think of chinese and indian chinese food in namma bengaluru.


Dilettante said...

The absolute definition of Indian Chinese would have to be the erstwhile Little Chef, complete with asbestos roof, Ambassador seats and Fiat-door tables. No?

Not considering sardarji-made chinese on chowpatty beach, of course.

chamique said...

Calcutta Chinese is THE best.

Ooh, I remember Little Chef. Such fun. Once, we made the waiter take our order like five times, just so we could hear him say 'criPSy noodles?' again and again. (I'm pretty sure our chopsuey was spat in.)

Shiok is my new favourite for Thai food these days.
Oh, and Bangalore Bytes, since I'm expecting more reviews (and am proceeding to dole out requests for the same), do Tangerine too.

Dilettante said...

Mainland China is Calcutta Chinese I've been told. Ergo, Calcutta Chinese must be the must.

blr bytes said...

Went to Tangerine once. Burnt my tongue. Damn sizzlers!

Went to Calcutta once. Tangra, ami thomo ko bholo bhashi!

chamique said...

Mainland China comes pretty close, it does.
Indeed Calcutta Chinese is masth.
And Bangalore Bytes, it's aami tomakE bhAlo BAshi.

blr bytes said...

No brownie points for even trying?

Anonymous said...

Tangerine...tucked away in a nice place....very average food from what i remember...if it is the same place we are talking about....

Dilettante said...

BB: Stop trying, at least in such an obvious manner.

h.: No it's probably not. This is a rather new place.

blr bytes said...